My clients mean the world to me. I am available every day to help make this process as easy as possible. Getting the right information into your ketubah can be somewhat overwhelming, but our network of Rabbis and my specialized knowledge in ketubah text will make this process easy.  I would love to hop on a call to hear more about you and answer any further questions that you may have.  


Email me at or WhatsApp me at +972 58 659 0416



How this process works for a personalized text:

Step 1: chose a ketubah you love.

Step 2: Fill out the form on your own, or together with me. 

Step 3: Purchase and Receive.


To clarify, a personalized text means that I will add all your personal information into the text (eg name, place, date, etc.) instead of you filling this information in by hand at the wedding. 


Note: If you are not getting a personalized text, then there is no need to fill out the form!! Choose which text style you prefer in the pop-down menu, and you are ready to purchase & receive your ketubah! It is as simple as that!  

Lovers in the Desert- Ketubah Template

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  • With each ketubah purchase, 10% of profits go to a Hachnasat Kallah organization (providing financial support for underprivelidged brides.)

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